Money moves with mates.

Shares is the investment app where friends invest and build strategies together. Watch your buddies’ moves, chat about strategy and grow your investments together.

As with all investing, your capital will be at risk.

Why Shares?

Because investing doesn’t have to be boring

We think checking out stocks together with the people you trust most, makes investing a lot more exciting. Tap into the collective support and harness the knowledge you need to get things growing.

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Build and manage your stock portfolio

Access to hundreds US stocks from £1, with no commissions. Manage your portfolio and check your performances in one click.

Place orders and post your take

Buy and sell your favourite stocks, share what's on your mind with your friends or the wider Shares community. Express yourself and show your imagination by blending social posts with your favourite GIFs.

Check out what friends buy and sell

Never miss one of your friends' activities. Like or comment on their trades – praise or tease them, it’s your call! Keep up to date with the wider Shares community, join the conversation and expand your network.

Watch all the action together

Follow your favourite stocks or industries by creating group watchlists with your friends. Update them collaboratively and on the go. Tech, ESG, Women CEOs, VaccineTech - you name it!

Chit-chat that’s right on the money

Stop switching from app to app to invest and chat. Discuss investing opportunities, market updates or just chat with your buddies. Build your inner-circle to discuss successes and failures.

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We’re the app on everyone’s lips

Shares will offer more than just an interface to buy and sell shares. Users will be able to start conversations with friends, learn from peers and access market intelligence data.

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Peter Thiel-backed social and investing app Shares scores $10 million in seed to court first-time investors and break down the barriers of traditional investment structures.

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Investors on Shares can make trades, manage their portfolios, and discuss investments, while also receiving detailed market insights.

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*As with all investing, your capital will be at risk.