Ready to make investing social with us?

We’re on a mission to give every human fair access to the stock market and the social connectedness and support to build a strong financial future – in community.

Life at Shares

Stay inspired every day

We show up to work every day inspired to pour our hearts, brains and vision into a product that matters – because we care about the community of people who use it.

Inclusive & diverse team

Shares is built for people everywhere, so we make sure our team actually reflects people all kinds of people everywhere. It’s a fresh, focused, inclusive and exciting work environment.

Believe in each other

We empower each other, rely on each other, and hold the bar high for each other. We have each other’s backs and bring out the best in all of us.

Our locations

Flexible work environment.

We have offices in London, Paris, Krakow and Limassol, with more offices in more cities on the way.

London UK

1 Waterhouse Square, Holborn

London, EC1N 2ST

Paris FR

32 Rue des Jeuneurs, 75002 Paris, France

Île-de-France 75002

Kraków PL

43 Mogilska Street,

Kraków, Poland

Our values

What we stand for

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We’re Navy SEALs

We operate as a professional team and like the GOATs, we are determined, disciplined, motivated, strong and hard working. We don’t make excuses and are not easily discouraged.

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Innovate don't Wait

Life is too short to build average products and services. We innovate constantly to develop experiences that are 10x better.

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Own the SHARES

We're all owners of Shares. Quite Literally. And ownership is an All or Nothing play.

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Go big or go home

We are in a search for excellence. We can settle when we die or retire.

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Get the next WIN

Sometimes we fail, but failure makes us smarter. We get back up, make the next bet, and go for the next WIN.

Current roles

Like the way we see the world? Join us.

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