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Risk Disclosures

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These risk disclosures should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of the Application and/or the Specific Terms (Crypto T&Cs, Trading T&Cs, Modulr T&Cs, etc). The terms defined therein have the same meaning herein. 

Investor risk

The financial instruments and digital assets, offered respectively by Shares Financial Assets and Shares Digital Assets (together “the Products”) can be purchased and held by any individual resident in a country where the Application and the Services are available. However, investors must first ensure that the investment in these products is suitable for their financial situation and investment objectives. Furthermore, it is recalled that in the interest of investment diversification, it is generally recommended to individual investors that the portion of their wealth invested in risky assets (like digital assets) represents only a minor part of the total value of said wealth.

Risk of capital loss

The price of the Products constantly fluctuates according to the relative amounts of demand for buying and selling on marketplaces. The greater the upward and downward movement in the price of a Product, the greater the volatility. This volatility is positively associated with the expectation of gain and negatively associated with the risk of capital loss. Making transactions involves a high degree of risk of capital loss up to the full value of the purchase or exchange of the Product.

Regulatory risk

The legal and regulatory status of the Products may not be clearly defined or may not exist at all depending on the jurisdiction in which a Customer is located. It is the Customer's responsibility to ascertain the extent to which the purchase, sale or exchange of the Products is permitted under the regulations of the Customer's country of residence.

Volatility risk

The value of all Products can change rapidly. Customers should be aware of their exposure to different Products and that their exposure may be potentially impacted by sudden and unpredictable price changes that would affect their Transactions.

Tax risk

The tax status of certain Products may be undetermined in the jurisdiction in which the Customer is located. This implies that the Customer must verify, under his sole responsibility, the obligation to declare the possession, purchase,sale or exchange, and if required, the payment of taxes and duties on Products to the tax authorities.

Currency risk

Where your Instruments are denominated in currencies other than the default currency of your securities Account (e.g. USD when your account is in EUR), fluctuations in exchange rates may affect your profits and losses from your transactions in such Investments.

Liquidity risk

The Investments in Products made via the Application are all admitted to trading on marketplaces, and in the event that you wish to sell your Investments, a corresponding buyer of those Investments must be found in the underlying market. Whilst certain Investments can be very liquid, you should be aware that others, such as Investments with smaller capitalisation, can be less liquid and it is not guaranteed that there will be a buyer for your Investments. Therefore, you may not be able to realise your investment or realise it at its actual market value. In some circumstances, such as instances of market volatility or where trading in a particular Investment or on a particular underlying market has been suspended or otherwise restricted, it may not be possible to find a buyer for your Investments, meaning you will not be able to liquidate your Positions.

If you close your User account, all Positions in Investments will need to be sold via the Application.

Risk of User Account hacking 

Account hacking refers to a malicious individual taking control of your account to the detriment of its legitimate owner. The Customer is warned of this risk and is recommended to follow the security procedures for the Customer account proposed by Shares.

Risk of digital identity theft

Shares is susceptible to identity theft as a company. Customers may be victims of fraud by third parties posing as Shares. Customers are responsible for verifying that they are using our Application.

  • Investor risk
  • Risk of capital loss
  • Regulatory risk
  • Volatility risk
  • Tax risk
  • Risks related to digital assets
  • Currency risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Risks related to securities sub-custody by a foreign custodian (via omnibus account)
  • Risk of User Account hacking 
  • Risk of digital identity theft