Our purpose

To build a world where together, we’re more than investors.

We’re putting an end to investing alone or thinking “the financial market isn’t for me”. Shares brings connecting with friends and Investing together – in one app. Because we believe investing is for everyone, not just the top dogs.

Our story

Where collective views mean meaningful investments.

We wanted to talk to our friends next to our investments without constantly switching apps – and it turns out, others did too. Shares connects people, making it simple to invest, learn and look after our long term financial wellbeing. Good stuff.

From the people that brought you:

Our Leadership team

François Ruty

Co-founder & CTO

François has a knack for turning complex technologies into very practical applications that let users do things they’ve never been able to do. He’s created visual effects solutions for world-class studios and AI algorithms for military intelligence. He stands ahead of the innovation curve – developing new technologies, repurposing existing ones and building the right tech teams to get them to market. At Shares, François works with the same mix of tight engineering on the backend that enables bold creativity on the frontend. What he loves most about Shares is that it gives all people – no matter who they are or how much money they have – the freedom to build their own future.

Harjas Singh

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder and Executive Director (CF1) of SAL

Harjas Singh has been building digital financial products and services used by millions of users for over 6 years. As Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Shares, he is responsible for Product Development, Growth and Expansion, where his first priority is the launch and continuous development of the mobile application. Most recently, Harjas spent two years leading the retail investing product at Revolut, a London-headquartered global fintech valued at $33 billion (July 15 2021 Reuters). Prior to this, he gained in-depth knowledge of building trading systems during his time at Deutsche Bank, where he spent four years as an engineer modernising the incumbent's technology. Harjas graduated in 2015 from Virginia Tech, majoring in Computer Science.

Andy King

People Director

Andy has been working in the People space for over 15 years. After spending time working in the Talent space he joined the distributed simulation and gaming company Improbable. Here he progressed from Mobility manager to Global Head of People/Talent Operations and Mobility - helping them scale from 30 employees to over 700 employees in over 8 countries including China and the US. At Shares, Andy's goal is to ensure that the company provides all things needed for employees to succeed. He leads a strong team across three core areas: Talent Acquisition, People Operations & Development and Workplace.

Grégoire Ajoux


Grégoire takes care of Shares’ financial wellbeing. He has deep knowledge of all aspects of finance and maintains a very wide view of the business. He was an external auditor for Deloitte for years and then an internal auditor at French IT group Atos before becoming controller of top French grocery chain Casino. He moved into the entrepreneurial space when he became CFO of the successful BMW/Daimler-owned private-hire taxi app Free Now (previously Kapten) – Uber’s top contender in Europe. At Shares, he not only oversees all core financial functions, he also works closely with the company’s leadership to design strategies that continually improve cash flow and EBITDA so that the company grows in a sustainable way.

Margaux Bognon-Küss

General Counsel

With more than 10 years of experience as a private equity lawyer in international law firms, Margaux has acquired an extensive knowledge and understanding of all legal aspects a business may face. She advised major private equity and infrastructure funds on dozens of transactions, both domestic and international, coordinating and overseeing all teams involved - up to 24 jurisdictions simultaneously! As General Counsel, Margaux is responsible for setting-up and overseeing the legal team, ensuring the legal safety of the operations and supporting the growth of Shares through legal innovations.

Sacha Palacci

Product Operations Director

It is Sacha who puts together the tools and workflows that keep the company running smoothly and efficiently. He is a seasoned back office builder with a proactive approach who managed operations at on-demand delivery company Stuart as it expanded across 100+ cities. He knows how to support a company’s operational and internal functions as it grows across borders. Sacha holds a Master’s in finance and has worked with financial products at companies like HSBC and AXA Investment Managers, where he specialised in foreign exchange for institutional clients and impact investing for hedge funds. Joining the Shares team was a no brainer for Sacha. He loves the product and believes that adding in a social community completely transforms the investment app experience.

Inna Grynova

Head of Support

Inna is changing the way companies think about customer support. She believes the right kind of support is not only key to customer satisfaction and trust – but also to product development and company growth. Her teams get the deep product knowledge and flexibility they need to resolve issues quickly while taking great care of customers. Teams feel empowered and customers get superior support – but that’s not all. Customer support insights are fed back into the company so they continually improve the product roadmap. That means less need for support – at Revolut she reduced customer contact significantly. Inna is an active speaker on industry best practices and has been named by Forbes as an exemplary woman in business. Her years at Google gave her a strong focus on process optimization, which helps her scale teams sustainably from 0 to hundreds of employees without compromising quality or speed.

Carlos de Souza

Head of Product Design

Carlos has designed, refined, pivoted and expanded products for companies like Bumble and Revolut. His eye is always on people and building meaningful experiences for them. At Bumble he defined new ways for people to showcase themselves and interact with each other, and at Revolut he created a seamless trading experience across diverse wealth products within a highly regulated environment. Whether working in the pixels or under the hood, it is Carlos that makes things hum with ease and grace so people feel empowered and delighted. Shares is a brilliant challenge because its aim is to harmonise the social with the financial so that people have an enjoyable experience, whether they come to buy stocks, chat or learn.

Devonte Emokpae

Head of Engineering

Devonte sees programming as understanding a problem well enough to be able to explain it as simply as possible to a machine. And in this sense he is an artist, VS Code is his canvas, JavaScript his paint, and each line of code written is a testament to his artistic integrity. At Shares he aims to bring together the artistic and functional in order to help build a scalable application that can reach all corners of the globe.

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Our Investors

Our Advisors

André Mohamed London Co-Founder Freetrade, Former Head of Wealth + Trading, Revolut
Didier Valet Paris Former Deputy CEO at Société Générale & Senior Advisor at Bain, CVC
Ryan McKillen Miami Founding Team, Uber Board Member, Wanderlust

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