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As one classic British TV advert used to say: “It’s good to talk”.

And speaking with people and getting different viewpoints on where the markets are certainly one of the best things you can do in these turbulent times of runaway inflation, low (but increasing) interest rates, and post-pandemic boom and bust markets.

When I say talking, I of course mean casually chatting about investing and everything money-related — not something we’re massively used to doing here in the UK.

I’ve been investing myself for a few years now, but when people ask me for advice I simply say to do as much research as possible, because everyone’s situation is different.

And when I ask friends and family — who’ve been investing for a lot longer than me — their answer right now is that they’ve never seen conditions like this before in their lifetime. They advise me that while these are, of course, conditions to be wary of, there are chances to spot incredible opportunities, too.

So yes, it’s good to talk with as many people as possible about investing and money right now. But it’s just as important to do your own research and build your knowledge of stocks, industries and beyond.

Because by filling your head with knowledge can only be a good thing.

Our Shares ‘London Investing Club’ launches this August.

As we prepare to kick off our Shares events programme this August, our goal is to bring people of all backgrounds together and normalise the conversation around money and investing.

If you’re based in London or Manchester, then we hope the idea of our new monthly investing clubs are up your street. Don't worry if we're not in your area just yet — you can tune in to our online events until we’re up and running in your area!

We can’t wait to say hey and help you realise ‘it’s good to talk’ about all the important things in life, even if they’ve been taboo in the past.

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Lucy Burgess

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