Trading Fees

Trading Fees:

What is it? A fee (Commission) paid to brokers in exchange for facilitating the buying and selling of shares.

  • Securities: 0% Commission
  • Fractional Shares: 0% Commission

Currency Conversion Fees:

As Shares App provides share dealing for British investors in shares on US equity markets in United States Dollars (USD) the fee incurred includes the conversion of your local currency (British Pounds Sterling / GBP) order amount to (United States Dollars) USD for execution of your shares order.

  • Interbank Rate + 0.4%

What is covered by the 0.4%?

  • Transaction related: such as commission charges and costs we bear in arranging the execution of your orders
  • Ancillary services: such as custody costs; and
  • Third party payments: Currencycloud Ltd is the third-party payment firm instructed by Shares App.

The services offered by Shares do not currently include the ability to hold USD in a wallet on the app. Consequently, GBP will need to be exchanged for USD for each buy transaction and USD for GBP for each sell transaction.

Transfer Fees:

  • Deposit: £0
  • Withdraw: £0